Self-reflection + Organize + Healing = Transform yourself

Organize the physical space and your mind

The world around you is a reflection of your mind. Tidy up your space through the organization. Know yourself to discover what truly feeds your soul. Heal to unblock your fear to step into the new world

Ask cards to get to know yourself better

Tarot card reading helps you to receive important messages from the universe. It's a form of self-reflection and introspection, allowing you to better understand your emotions, thoughts, and behavioral patterns. Tarot card reading can be a way to connect with a spiritual or higher power, providing support and clarity during challenging times.

Zoom (US ET)
60 mins $90 (Up to 3 topics)
30 mins $45 (1 topic)

Organize your space and mind with me

Organizing is self-care. Surround yourself with carefully picked items that elevate your energy. Tidy up to remove the energy that no longer serves you. Let’s create space to welcome something bigger and better.

Let’s go through step by step with me.

Zoom consultation
30 mins $45
60 mins $90

Initial 15 minutes consultation

In-person organization session (NYC only)
minimum 60 mins $100

Follow-up session
*After Zoom or in-person session
30 mins $40

After the both session you will receive the summary of the game plan as well as the tips to prevent future clutter.

Unblock your fear with Reiki healing

Are you struggling to release unwanted energy that no longer serves you? Distant Reiki healing can support to let it go easily. We can send it remotely through live Zoom or asynchronously via email with instruction.

Zoom (US ET)
60 mins $150
30 mins $75

Asynchronous healing
You can receive one healing within 7 days remotely
30 mins $55.55

Currently the openings are limited. Please contact us for availability.

About me

I am a Reiki Master, Tarot reader and professional organizer (certified in Japan), based in NYC for over 10 years.

Reiki, card reading, and Western and Eastern astrology always helped me when I was lost. They were always the reliable guide to manifest my purpose when you don’t know where to go and what to do. I experienced how powerful they are to transform yourself into an authentic self. Let me help you heal your soul and receive the important messages.

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